Urilyzer 100 Strip Reader

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The Urilyzer 100 is a small, compact and easy-to-use semi-automated urinalysis strip reader. This analysis machine has an LCD display and paper print-out and has an average throughput of up to 100 tests per hour.


  • Automates the timing, reading and recording of results, reducing the risk of error
  • Very simple to operate - push one button to get a result
  • Robust and reliable, no maintenance required - just keep clean
  • Built in safety features to prevent reading of strips incorrectly placed into the machine
  • Automatic optics self check on every measurement
  • 11SYS Plus strips are in a very cost effective 150 strip per can pack size
  • Memory bank for up to 500 result
  • Urine colour compensation
  • Variable format selection for printout of test results and time/date
  • LCD display - also fitted with interface ports for connection to host computer, barcode reader and PC keyboard